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Truman Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report for 5-4-2017

By Steve Blake

Current water level is 723.26 and predicted to go to 726 before they start letting water out this coming Saturday.

Water surface temp at the dam is 60 degrees.

Okay for all of you who follow the Sterett Creek Fishing report that have called and emailed me asking is the lake was closed, NO IT IS NOT!!!!!!

Everyone seems to think that when we have these very high water lake conditions that it is all doom and gloom for fishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can tell you from my experience with these high water levels in the past that I can make some fairly accurate predictions as to what patterns that all species of game fish will take on with these conditions. I can also tell you that these conditions will offer some of the best fishing the lake has to offer.

We are going to approach water levels close to those of three previous record water level years 1993 being the highest I can remember. In those years the crappie moved into the willow trees on the outer edge closest to open water and we hit them with 1/8 oz weedless jigs tipped with a minnow 3 to 6 feet deep in the willow tops that were barely sticking out of the water. Hedge and cedar trees that normally were not deep enough to hold fish are now flooded In the backs of the flats and will hold crappie using the same method. Already this week I have taken big crappie of 12 to 16 inches in the tops of hedge trees with jig and minnow on a long pole and they were only 4 feet down in 15 to 30 feet of water. I did not take a lot of fish but they were big and as the water stays high more fish will move to these areas.

The high water will also offer some of the most exciting fishing for bass that Truman has to offer as the large mouth move back into the green stuff to feed on all the new food the flooded areas have to offer. Follow the creeks and ditches back to a point where there is only a foot to 3 or 4 feet of water over the edge of the channel and work the edges with spinner-baits, buzz-baits, flukes, or frogs for the bass. They are there right now if you find the right creek or ditch.

In years past when we have had this high water in Early May at the time when the white bass and hybrids are in spawning mode it has been my experience that they move to the best hard surface available to spawn. Believe it or not it has been flooded parking lots and roadbeds. In 93 we took literally hundreds of whites and hybrids in these areas with jigging spoons and sassy shads and that pattern is developing this year as it it time for them to spawn.

The catfish will also move way back in the creeks to take advantage of all the new food available. Fish the bends in the backs of the major creeks where there is only 4 to 8 feet of water with jugs or rod and reel with cut shad, nightcrawlers, or bait shrimp.

Once they catch the water level and the lake begins to fall in water level simply follow the fish out as the water falls. They will relate to the edge where the flooded cover meets the open water each day.

So as many believe the high water is not a curse but a blessing and will offer some great fishing for several weeks to come. With the next week predicted to be warm with lots of sunshine the bite should really take off!!!!

See ya at Sterett Creek Marina!!!

Fishing Report 4-27-2017
High Water Levels at Sterett Creek


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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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