‚ÄčThe water level this morning is at 728. The water is over the road at the entrance to the marina parking lot. Because of this in addition to closing the campground and boat ramp, the marina, including Drunken Minnow Grill, and Lil' Papa Joe's Restaurant. We will be closed until the water recedes to below the 725 level again. 

THE MOTEL IS OPEN AND WILL REMAIN OPEN. Anyone with reservations is encouraged to call us with any questions.

There currently are 2 high water boat ramps to allow access to the lake close to us. One at Shawnee Bend (by the beach access not the regular boat ramp) and at State Park. In addition Lake of the Ozarks is currently at normal pool so all ramps are accessible there.

According to the most recent predictions yesterday afternoon, without further rainfall, the Lake is expected to crest on Tuesday at 730 and drop below 725 for next weekend. Today Truman Dam is releasing 6,300 cfs from the spillway gate and discharging 18,300 cfs. They are scheduled to ramp this up over the next 2 days and continue for the rest of the week. Weather predictions for the week show a 40-60% chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday which may affect these predictions.

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For most current information check out these sites:

Army Corp of Engineers website - Daily Lake Information (Updated daily)

National Weather Service website - Hydrographic readings Osage River at Truman Dam (Updated hourly)